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Lebkuchen Heart and Gingerbread Heart

In Germany we say "Lebkuchenherz" or but you probably know it as Gingerbread Heart or Lebkuchen Heart. Just like the one you have seen on the Munich Oktoberfest, you can find a ready to buy & ship Lebkuchen heart with typical German and Bavarian sayings. Even though we are located in the middle of Bavaria, Germany we also have some phrases in English, Spanish, and other languages.

Gingerbread Heart, extra mini
from 2.30EUR
Gingerbread Heart, mini
The most economic Gingerbread heart - with various phrases
from 2.85EUR
Gingerbread Heart, small
choose from different sayings just like from the Octoberfest
from 3.07EUR
Gingerbread Heart, medium
various phrases of choice just like on the Octoberfest in Munich
from 3.84EUR
Lebkuchen Hearts, large
various phrases of choice just as you will find on the Munich Oktoberfest
from 6.04EUR
gingerbread heart - 23cm - different slogans
from 10.89EUR
gingerbred heart - 32cm - different slogans
typical bavarian love messages directly buy online with 24h delivery
from 17.49EUR
Gingerbread heart in XXL - 50cm - different patterns
50cm - 20 inches the biggest Gingerbread Heart you can find
Gingerbread hearts mixed in a carton - 12cm - Theme Oktoberfest
all Oktoberfest Gingerbread Hearts in one box prepared
Gingerbread Hearts Mixed Box 14cm - 20 hearts per box - various themes
from 52.90EUR
Gingerbread Heart Mixed Bos - 14cm - various numbers of hearts
Variation of gingerbread hearts in one box 14cm
Bavarian sayings - Gingerbread hearts mixed in a carton
Gingerbread hearts mixed in a carton - 10cm - Flirt Sayings
Gingerbread hearts mixed in a carton - 10cm - Naughty Bavarian sayings
Gingerbread hearts mixed in a carton - 10cm - party sayings
Gingerbread hearts mixed in a carton - 10cm - Sayings for Men
Gingerbread hearts mixed in a carton - 10cm - Sayings for Women
Lebkuchen heart, Do-It-Yourself kit
choose from 14 different designs
from 10.49EUR
DIY-kit gingerbread heart, 14cm
Choose from 6 different colors
from 6.29EUR
XXL Gingerbread heart 50cm Do-It-Yourself-Set
Choose from 5 different designs
from 30.90EUR
Gingerbread heart - Do-It-Yourself Complete-Set - 10 Pieces
from 28.90EUR
Gingerbread heart 12cm self-labeling set
two colors for border availabe
from 6.09EUR
Mini gingerbread heart, Do-It-Yourself box 10 pieces
from 30.90EUR
Decorated gingerbread heart blank to write on, 14cm
from 1.79EUR
Blank Gingerbread Heart 21 cm with Decoration
from 5.59EUR
Blank Lebkuchen Heart
choose different sizes and colors
from 1.99EUR
Blank Gingerbread Heart, variouse sizes
from 0.69EUR
Sugar frosting Tube, white - Pantiki, 24g
easy labeling of Gingerbread Hearts
from 7.38EUR
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Perfect for decorating gingerbread house & more
from 7.38EUR
Frosting tube white, with different spouts, 100g
With tip spout, flat spout and star spout
Royal Icing powder
add water and that's it!
from 2.69EUR
Nozzle Set 8 pieces
perfect for writing and decorating
Food color - blue,red,yellow,green
Ribbon, 500meters
Sugar decoration - various Designs, 100 Stück
4 different designs to choose from
Gingerbread pretzel blank, 12 cm
from 1.19EUR
Gingerbread bavarian dress blank, 11 cm
from 1.18EUR
Gingerbread leather pants blank, 11 cm
from 1.18EUR
Pastry bag  30cm - 1 piece
Gingerbread baking mix for gingerbread heart, gingerbread house & more 1000g
Perfect for gingerbread house, gingerbread man or gingerbread in the shape of your choice
from 6.79EUR
Greetings from München - Gingerbread Heart 14cm
Greetings from München, which is the capital of bavaria.
from 3.07EUR
I love München - Gingerbread Heart 12cm
Gingerbread Heart from Munich, but just with our "I ❤ München" slogan
from 3.84EUR
Greetings from Berlin - Gingerbread Heart 16cm
Buy directly your favorit city Lebkuchen Heart online
from 4.94EUR

Do-It-Yourself DIY kits - create your own Gingerbread Heart at home

Feel free to browse for a pre-written heart or would you like to find a do-it-yourself kit with a blank Lebkuchen heart and the necessary accessories to make and write on your own gingerbread? In this section you find everything that your (gingerbread) heart will beat for! Yes Bavarians are very funny ;-)


We ship our Gingerbread international - and also to the USA :-)

Oh by the way, we ship internationally and our gingerbread have probably been shipped to most countries of the world already. And yes, we can also handle orders from the US - so don't hesitate to ship to the United States of America or any other country in the world.