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Give - Aways

19 Products
Gingerbread Heart Button Badge individual - 8cm
design your own Gingerbread Heart Button Badge
from 2.87EUR
Individual gingerbread hearts 8cm
Mini Gingerbread Heart 8cm
design your gingerbread heart and order online
from 2.41EUR
Gingerbread heart as a place card 8cm
Lebkuchenheart  Place Card, 8cm
design your heart online
from 2.41EUR
Gingerbread heart Lolli 8cm size
Gingerbread Heart Lolli - Customized, 8cm
design your gingerbread heart lolly and order online
from 4.18EUR
Individual Gingerbread hearts 10cm as a give away
Individual Gingerbread Hearts, 10cm
write your words on the gingerbread heart
from 2.78EUR
Gingerbread heart 12cm as a place card
Lebkuchen Heart Place Card, 12cm
from 2.78EUR
Personalized Gingerbread Heart 12cm as an individual gift
Individual Gingerbread Heart 12cm
variouse decorations and bordertypes
from 2.78EUR
14cm gingerbread heart Designed according to your wishes
Individual Gingerbread Hearts, 14cm
personalized with your own message and design
from 3.17EUR
Your own designed gingerbread heart 16cm
Individual Lebkuchen-Hearts, 16cm
8 different decorations
from 4.19EUR
As you desired gingerbread heart 18cm
Gingerbread Heart individual,  18cm
6 different decorations
from 4.33EUR
Gingerbread heart 21cm as a personal wedding gift
Gingerbread Heart customized, 21cm
8 different decorations
from 5.50EUR
Customizable gingerbread heart 24cm as give-away
Gingerbread Heart individual - Giveaway, 24cm
from 11.73EUR
Pretzel made of gingerbread customizable 12cm
Lebkuchen Pretzel individual, 12cm
6 different decorations
from 6.28EUR
Individual beer mug made of gingerbread 12cm
Gingerbread Beer Mug individual, 12cm
5 different decorations or Your design
from 7.18EUR
Individual Gingerbread beer mug 18cm as a give-away
Individual Gingerbread - Beer mug, 18cm
5 different decorations or Your design
from 8.98EUR