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Gingerbread Heart Button Badge individual - 8cm
design your own Gingerbread Heart Button Badge
from 3.08€ - 17.81€
Individual gingerbread hearts 8cm
Mini Gingerbread Heart 8cm
design your gingerbread heart and order online
from 2.66€ - 17.81€
Gingerbread heart as a place card 8cm
Lebkuchenheart  Place Card, 8cm
design your heart online
from 2.66€ - 17.81€
8cm gingerbread heart with initials and wish packaging
Gingerbread Hearts with rings and initials, 8cm
from 2.66€ - 17.81€
Customize gingerbread heart 14cm with text
from 3.51€ - 14.19€
Gingerbread heart Lolli 8cm size
Gingerbread Heart Lolli - Customized, 8cm
design your gingerbread heart lolly and order online
from 4.63€ - 23.09€
Individual Gingerbread hearts 10cm as a give away
Individual Gingerbread Hearts, 10cm
write your words on the gingerbread heart
from 2.93€ - 19.36€
Gingerbread heart 12cm as a place card
Lebkuchen Heart Place Card, 12cm
from 3.08€ - 20.00€
Personalized Gingerbread Heart 12cm as an individual gift
Individual Gingerbread Heart 12cm
variouse decorations and bordertypes
from 3.08€ - 20.00€
14cm gingerbread heart Designed according to your wishes
Individual Gingerbread Hearts, 14cm
personalized with your own message and design
from 4.75€ - 19.46€
Your own designed gingerbread heart 16cm
Individual Lebkuchen-Hearts, 16cm
8 different decorations
from 4.71€ - 20.23€
As you desired gingerbread heart 18cm
Gingerbread Heart individual,  18cm
6 different decorations
from 4.99€ - 21.58€
Gingerbread heart 21cm as a personal wedding gift
Gingerbread Heart customized, 21cm
8 different decorations
from 9.03€ - 25.52€
Customizable gingerbread heart 24cm as give-away
Gingerbread Heart individual - Giveaway, 24cm
from 12.27€ - 32.26€
Pretzel made of gingerbread customizable 12cm
Lebkuchen Pretzel individual, 12cm
6 different decorations
from 10.47€ - 29.70€
Individual beer mug made of gingerbread 12cm
Gingerbread Beer Mug individual, 12cm
5 different decorations or Your design
from 11.97€ - 32.70€
Individual Gingerbread beer mug 18cm as a give-away
Individual Gingerbread - Beer mug, 18cm
5 different decorations or Your design
from 14.97€ - 41.70€