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Gingerbread house

Gingerbread house, Snowman
from 5.99EUR
Gingerbread houses, Hansel & Gretel
from 7.80EUR
Witch house
like in the fairy tale Hansel und Gretel
Gingerbread house to cut out yourself, incl. template
from 6.99EUR
gingerbread house - kit - size XS
built size is about 8x6x5cm
from 4.99EUR
gingerbread witch house - kit - size XS
from 5.59EUR
gingerbread witch house - kit - size M
built up approx. 12x11x13cm
from 6.39EUR
Gingerbread House Kit - Size L - For crafting and decorating
+++ Our Top-Seller +++ built about 17x17x18cm
from 4.89EUR
gingerbread witch house - kit - size L
built up approx. 17x17x15cm
from 11.74EUR
gingerbread witch house - handicraft kit - size L
from 6.49EUR
gingerbread house - kit - size L
built size is about 18x17x14cm
from 14.36EUR
gingerbread witch house - kit - size XL
built up approx. 37x37x40cm
from 36.90EUR
Gingerbread house - kit - size XL
built size is about 43x42x28cm
from 36.90EUR
Gingerbread house kit L to make yourself including accessories set
from 15.86EUR
Gingerbread House Kit L - To do it yourself - In a complete set
from 39.34EUR
Witch house kit L – All-Inclusive-Set
Incl. decoration accessories
from 41.51EUR
Gingerbread house kit for building and decorating - complete set
from 30.35EUR
Gingerbread house kit L – All-Inclusive-Set
from 44.28EUR
Pfefferkuchenhaus kit XL - complete set to make yourself
from 77.88EUR
Witch house kit XL – All-Inclusive-Set
Incl. decoration accessories
from 77.88EUR
Gingerbread house pre-built for personalizing, size L
from 18.49EUR
Colorful gummy bears for decoration, 10g
Choice of 3 different sorts
from 0.19EUR
Mixed mini chocolate buttons, 50g
from 1.49EUR
Sugar frosting Tube, white - Pantiki, 24g
easy labeling of Gingerbread Hearts
from 2.19EUR
Gingerbread House Glue - Edible - To assemble and decorate - PANTIKI, 20g
from 2.19EUR
Frosting tube white, with different spouts, 100g
With tip spout, flat spout and star spout
Sugar Icing powder
add water and that's it!
from 2.69EUR
Nozzle Set 8 pieces
perfect for writing and decorating
Food color - blue,red,yellow,green
Candy decoration angels, 48 pieces
from 37.90EUR
Sugar decoration - various Designs, 100 Stück
4 different designs to choose from
Candy decoration hearts, 24 pieces
from 3.79EUR
Pastry bag  30cm - 1 piece
Gingerbread baking mix for gingerbread heart, gingerbread house & more 1000g
Perfect for gingerbread house, gingerbread man or gingerbread in the shape of your choice
from 6.79EUR
Gingerbread house baking mix, 10kg
Perfect for gingerbread house, gingerbread man or gingerbread in the shape of your choice
Gingerbread House Kit with customzied label - Size L
+++ NEW: Our Top-Seller now with customized label +++
from 4.89EUR
Super Mini Gingerbread House DIY-Kit XXS in individual gift box
Incl. printed gift box, ideal as a Christmas advertising medium! - Decorative accessories selectable
from 4.19EUR
Mini gingerbread house with promotional card in flowpack
from 0.99EUR
Individual mini gingerbread house with - extra small
from 4.59EUR
Gingerbread house printed with logo - large
from 19.90EUR
Individual gingerbread house - large
from 19.90EUR
Personalized gingerbread house with logo - large
from 12.99EUR
Individual gingerbread witch house with logo - large
from 14.99EUR
XL Gingerbread witch house with logo - extra large
from 59.00EUR
Mini Witch House as christmas present with printed card
from 6.49EUR
Small gingerbread witch house with advertising card
from 6.59EUR

Gingerbread house - classic for christmas

The gingerbread house, which is also known regionally as the witch's house or the gingerbread house, is one of the absolute classics among Christmas biscuits. In Advent it is a firm tradition in many families to bake a gingerbread house, to do handicrafts together and to decorate it. To do this, the gingerbread components are first baked according to the preferred recipe and cut into shape according to a template. Then the individual gingerbread house components are put together and lovingly decorated.

Order gingerbread house quickly and easily!

Depending on how much time you have and what you want to do handicrafts, you have the option of ordering the gingerbread house from us in various stages and with the corresponding decoration accessories. We have created a small overview for you:

  1. Gingerbread house baking mix + recipe to bake yourself
  2. Gingerbread house plate for punching out with template
  3. Gingerbread house kits with / without decoration accessories
  4. Ready-made gingerbread houses with / without decoration

How long can the gingerbread house keep?

With normal storage, the gingerbread house can be eaten for up to 4 weeks, but the gingerbread will become a little firmer over time. You can also wrap the gingerbread house in cling film to protect it from dirt and drying out. ist durchschnittlich mit 4.9 von 5 Sternen ausgezeichnet, auf Grundlage von 5515 eKomi-Verkäuferbewertungen.