The most important ingredient for decorating baked goods and pastries is by far the icing. Also known as "Royal Icing", it is often dyed with food coloring and not only serves as a delicious sugar decoration, for example in the form of flowers or hearts, but is also used in many ways in the baking world, among other things as a universal sugar icing or as a decorative sugar crust for pastries! Typical uses are glazing surfaces, gluing nuts and other edible decorations, gluing the gingerbread house together, but also decorating and labeling pastries! Everyone has already bought or eaten such a product: the best known are the gingerbread house kit to make yourself (the snow, the glue to assemble and the sugar parts are made of icing), decorating gingerbread man yourself (the decorations such as the face and buttons are made of icing) and gingerbread hearts design yourself (the edge, the sugar decoration and the lettering are made of icing)!

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Pantiki sugar icing white 24g - tube
Pantiki sugar icing white 24g - tube
easy labeling of Gingerbread Hearts
from 2.49€ - 3.49€
Min.: 3 pcs
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20gEdible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Perfect for decorating gingerbread house & more
from 2.49€ - 3.49€
Min.: 3 pcs
Royal Icing powder
add water and that's it!
from 5.38€ - 5.99€
Nozzle Set 8 pieces
perfect for writing and decorating
Food color - blue,red,yellow,green
Currently not available
Frosting tube white, with different spouts, 100g
With tip spout, flat spout and star spout