Your very own gingerbread heart sayings

No gingerbread heart is complete without the accompanying gingerbread heart sayings. Be it a token of love, a holiday greeting, a message for the best dad or the best mom in the world or something completely different: Gingerbread is the perfect surface for any kind of message that comes from the heart.

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Gingerbread Heart, extra mini
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Gingerbread Heart, mini
The most economic Gingerbread heart - with various phrases
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Gingerbread Heart, small
choose from different sayings just like from the Octoberfest
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Gingerbread Heart, medium
various phrases of choice just like on the Octoberfest in Munich
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Lebkuchen Hearts, large
various phrases of choice just as you will find on the Munich Oktoberfest
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gingerbread heart - 23cm - different slogans
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gingerbred heart - 32cm - different slogans
typical bavarian love messages directly buy online with 24h delivery
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Gingerbread heart in XXL - 50cm - different patterns
50cm - 20 inches the biggest Gingerbread Heart you can find
Pronouncements of labels on gingerbread heartsGingerbread heart 14cm with sticker - different sayings
Gingerbread heart 14cm with sticker - different sayings
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Gingerbread Heart - With love from Munich

If you can't think of a suitable saying, we can of course offer you a range of standard statements that are always very popular, including:

  • the classic "I love you"
  • the Bavarian love variant "I liab Di soo"
  • friendly "greetings from Munich"
  • a Bavarian "O’zapft is!"
  • the irresistible "press me!"
  • and many more Oktoberfest sayings.

If required, you can also order blanks for gingerbread hearts and the corresponding icing tubes to label yourself from us.

The ideal area for all gingerbread heart sayings

We offer you gingerbread hearts in various sizes, depending on how much space you need for your message. You can freely choose the color of the frosting border as well as the lettering. Once you have placed the order, the gingerbread heart will be freshly baked with a lot of love, decorated and fitted with a neck strap. The cellophane packaging ensures that it does not lose its quality on the way to you and that it arrives as fresh as it left our oven.

How big should your heart be? We offer gingerbread hearts in the following sizes:

  • 16 by 14 cm
  • 18 by 18 cm
  • 21 by 21 cm
  • 23 by 22 cm
  • 32 by 28 cm

We take your wishes to heart

If required, we can also offer you XXL hearts, for example with the inscription "Just married!" for the most beautiful day of your life. Of course, you can always tell us individual gingerbread heart sayings, which we will be happy to add sweet and colorful text for you. Such a message reads well and tastes even better.