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Customized Christmas

71 Products
Gingerbread - Moose customized, 15cm
from 3.39EUR
Lebkuchen - Moose customized
from 5.29EUR
Gingerbread house flat, personalized 12cm
from 3.19EUR
Gingerbread House flat, individual 15cm
from 3.39EUR
Gingerbread houses flat, customized 20cm
from 4.49EUR
Gingerbread houses flat, customized 25cm
from 8.69EUR
Gingerbread house flat, customized 30cm
from 20.90EUR
XXL Gingerbread houses flat, customized 50cm
from 27.90EUR
Mini gingerbread house with promotional card in flowpack
from 0.99EUR
>Gingerbread Star, individual 15cm
from 3.69EUR
Gingerbread Star, customizable 18cm
from 3.89EUR
Gingerbread Star, customizable 20cm
from 4.49EUR
Customized Lebkuchen - Star, 25cm
from 8.69EUR
Gingerbread star 15cm - incl. label
with prefabricated border
from 3.59EUR
Gingerbread Boot, individual 13cm
from 3.19EUR
Gingerbread Christmas tree 15cm - incl. label
from 2.79EUR
Gingerbread lollies in star heart and pretzels shape - with optional logo
Available with dark-chocolate or milk-chocolate glaze
from 2.99EUR
Gingerbread chocolate heart Lolli -Pop - with logo on request
from 2.99EUR
Gingerbread Man Lolli optional with edible logo
Available with dark-chocolate or milk-chocolate glaze
from 2.99EUR
Gingerbread, 12cm with logo
from 3.69EUR
Gingerbread Man 7cm - with company logo in gift bag
100% edible logo printed on sugar paper
from 3.49EUR
Mini gingerbread man 7cm - with edible logo and advertising card
from 3.89EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
Printed Christmas tins, filled
from 2.99EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
Advent calendar customized with logo
from 2.99EUR
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