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Easter cookie craft set - Misc. Easter shapes
from 6.90EUR
Sugar frosting Tube, white - Pantiki, 24g
easy labeling of Gingerbread Hearts
from 7.38EUR
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Perfect for decorating gingerbread house & more
from 7.38EUR
Frosting tube white, with different spouts, 100g
With tip spout, flat spout and star spout
Easter Cookies Egg, Blank, 20cm
from 2.99EUR
XXL Easter egg cookie blank, 50cm
from 18.90EUR
Easter cookie blank carrot, 12cm
from 1.19EUR
Easter cookie blank carrot, 20cm
from 2.99EUR
Easter cookie blank carrot, 30cm
from 7.99EUR
Giant carrot Easter cookie, 50cm
from 18.90EUR
Easter bunny with name 12cm
from 2.79EUR
Place cards Easter cookie chick, approx. 12cm
from 2.79EUR
Easter cookie place cards, Easter lamb 12cm
Different Designs available! incl. Lettering
from 3.09EUR
Rabbit head Easter present about 12cm opt. with logo & text
from 2.79EUR
Easter cookie rabbit sitting about 12cm optional with text & logo
from 2.29EUR
Easter cookie rabbit sitting about 12cm with advertising card
from 2.49EUR
Cookie Easter-Bunny in Car, ca. 14cm opt. with logo or text
from 2.89EUR
Easter Cookie Egg, about 12cm with advertising card
Choose between inserted or attached card.
from 2.49EUR
Easter cookie Easter egg, approx. 20cm, with logo and text
from 3.29EUR
Giant-Easter egg made of cookie, approx. 50 cm with picture/logo and lettering
from 19.90EUR
Easter lamb Easter cookie about 12cm opt. with text or logo
from 2.59EUR
Easter greetings lamb about 12cm with greeting card
Choose between inserted or attached card.
from 2.79EUR
Easter giveaway hatched egg approx. 12cm optionally with logo
from 2.79EUR
Easter cookie crafting sets incl. Advertising card, logo optional
Different Shapes available - perfect for Easter
from 4.90EUR

Easter gifts for handicrafts, snacking and advertising for private and corporate customers

Craft ideas for Easter - because Easter time is creative time!

With the first spring awakening, we really get the Easter basket going. In addition to typical Easter symbols such as Easter egg and Easter bunny, there are numerous other creative Easter ideas made from pastries that are just waiting to be decorated with colored icing and nibbled. Handicrafts at Easter are especially fun for children. But adults also enjoy the creative design of the original, delicious Easter items, which you can easily buy online. You can of course also find the right accessories for decorating in our range.

Easter gifts - individual advertising material for corporate customers

It will also be innovative and delicious for corporate customers. For them there is chocolate for Easter with a custom printed advertising insert, attached card or promotional items with mini sugar figures. The Easter biscuit handicraft sets including advertising card and edible company logo as well as many other Easter advertising materials that are provided with a company logo made of sugar paper or inscription with frosting are also original. The personal and edible Easter greetings are the ideal promotional gift for Easter, because thanks to the customized design with logo and lettering, they are equally suitable for business partners, employees and customers.