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Lebkuchen-Markt ships worldwide

One (gingerbread) Heart One World - We ship worldwide!

As a company, we are committed to gingerbread enjoyment without borders. 
So you can enjoy our treats around the world, we ship worldwide - whether by parcel or entire pallets by air freight. We have shipped almost all over the world, including Australia, Canada, United States of America, Asia, South America, Europe and Africa.
Its super easy - just order online and choose your preferred destination.

Certification and foreign regulation

Different countries have different guidelines regarding food ingredients and food imports. 
In our production we specialize in manufacturing also for foreign markets. We can support you for your export to your desired destination country.

USA Gingerbreadhearts

*** USA Secial *** Food that are produced specifically for the US

For deliveries to the US, we use special ingredients and special labels that comply with FDA regulations. We will care for all necessary registrations with the authorities.

  • Send us an inquiry to send you an offer for our US products. Our custom made USA-products are equipped with an American food product label — according to US law
  • We produce according to FDA regulations
  • Delivery time to the US - from 8 days to 20 days