Place Cards made from Gingerbread

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Gingerbread Heart Button Badge individual - 8cm
design your own Gingerbread Heart Button Badge
from 2.29€ - 13.21€
Gingerbread heart as a place card 8cm
Lebkuchenheart  Place Card, 8cm
design your heart online
from 1.98€ - 13.21€
Gingerbread heart Lolli 8cm size
Gingerbread Heart Lolli - Customized, 8cm
design your gingerbread heart lolly and order online
from 3.44€ - 17.13€
Place card heartshaped made of gingerbread 8cm
Place card heart made of gingerbread, 8cm
various decorations for any occasion
from 3.47€ - 14.56€
Individual Gingerbread hearts 10cm as a give away
Individual Gingerbread Hearts, 10cm
write your words on the gingerbread heart
from 2.17€ - 14.36€
Gingerbread heart 12cm decorated with name
from 2.98€ - 10.24€
Gingerbread heart 12cm as a place card
Lebkuchen Heart Place Card, 12cm
from 2.29€ - 14.84€
Gingerbread heart Place Card 12cm for weddings
Place card heart made of gingerbread, 12cm
various decorative elements for any occasion
from 4.30€ - 24.28€
Customize gingerbread heart 14cm with text
from 2.55€ - 10.32€
14cm gingerbread heart Designed according to your wishes
Individual Gingerbread Hearts, 14cm
personalized with your own message and design
from 3.90€ - 15.99€
Gingerbread Dirndl 11cm as place card
Dirndl Placement Card
made from Gingerbread
from 8.73€ - 24.75€
Beer mug made of gingerbread as a place card 12cm
Gingerbread Beer mug Placement Card, 12cm
5 different decorations or Your design
from 9.23€ - 27.25€
Bretzel made of gingerbread as an individual place card 12cm
Lebkuchen Pretzel placement card, 12cm
from 8.73€ - 24.75€
Place card in form of leather pants made of gingerbread 11cm
Leather Trousers Placement Card
from 8.73€ - 24.75€
Gingerbread heart Johanna sizes 8 and 12cm
Gingerbread Heartwith Name Place Card
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Place cards from gingerbread hearts Konstantin
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Konstantin
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Ramona Place Card Gingerbread heart 8cm or 12cm
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Ramona
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Place Card Vanessa gingerbread heart 8cm 12cm
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Vanessa
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Gingerbread heart Benjamin wedding table card 8cm or 12cm
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Benjamin
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Place card gingerbread heart Felizitas wedding set
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Felizitas
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Place Cards Wedding Set Isabella gingerbread heart
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Isabella
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Gingerbread heart 8cm or 12cm Place Card Jana
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Jana
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Place card gingerbread heart Julian 8cm or 12cm
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Julian
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Gingerbread heart name card for wedding
Gingerbread heart with Name - lucas
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Set Melissa Place Card Gingerbread Heart 8cm 12cm
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Melissa
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Gingerbread heart Placecard Sophia 8cm or 12cm
Gingerbread Heart Place Card Sophia
from 4.84€ - 17.82€
Gingerbread Heart Place Card
from 6.64€ - 19.62€
Tuxedo & Dress Gingerbread Heart - Placement Card
from 11.97€ - 28.62€
Tuxedo & Dress Gingerbread Place Cards
from 12.42€ - 34.02€
Gingerbread Weddingcake, 9 cm, Place card
from 6.82€ - 19.62€
Gingerbread place cards horse approx. 12cm
from 11.96€ - 61.16€

Delicious place cards for your wedding

Wedding place cards have to be paper, right? Not necessarily: We are happy to bake unique gingerbread place cards for the day of your wedding and label them with names so that every guest can see the seating arrangements. The only problem is that these cards usually disappear very quickly ;-)

Our wedding items can be divided into:

  • Place cards
  • Party favors
  • Invitations
  • Menu cards
  • Car decoration

When the gingerbread heart finds its way to the heart by name

We are happy to bake individual gingerbread hearts for your wedding with first names and surnames in different designs, for example in a suit (for the husband) and in a white dress (for the wife). You can freely choose the border and font color of the cards for your guests. If you defeat your appetite and keep these extremely durable place cards, you have a souvenir that will bring pleasant memories for a long time to come. The delivery time for all of our individual wedding gingerbread cookies is usually five to seven days. If you opt for an express production order, you will have your gingerbread place cards in your hand for as little as 24 hours

With our place cards, the wedding becomes a taste experience

We also realize wedding hearts as guest gifts and XXL hearts with the appropriate holder for the wedding car or as room decorations. As a special treat, we also write the wedding menu on a gingerbread card. After the meal you can nibble away the menu yourself as a dessert, or you can always button up the courses that you have just finished as a snack.

The gingerbread professional is ready

Do you have an individual idea that you would like to see realized in gingerbread form in addition to place cards for your wedding? Talk to us, we will definitely think of something! It is very important to us that your wedding is as sweet and lasts as long as our gingerbread.