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Do-It-Yourself Gingerbread Heart

36 Products
Lebkuchen heart, Do-It-Yourself kit
choose from 14 different designs
from 10.49EUR
DIY-kit gingerbread heart, 14cm
Choose from 6 different colors
from 6.29EUR
XXL Gingerbread heart 50cm Do-It-Yourself-Set
Choose from 5 different designs
from 30.90EUR
Gingerbread heart - Do-It-Yourself Complete-Set - 10 Pieces
from 28.90EUR
Gingerbread heart 12cm self-labeling set
two colors for border availabe
from 6.09EUR
Mini gingerbread heart, Do-It-Yourself box 10 pieces
from 30.90EUR
Decorated gingerbread heart blank to write on, 14cm
from 2.15EUR
Blank Gingerbread Heart 21 cm with Decoration
from 6.71EUR
Blank Lebkuchen Heart
choose different sizes and colors
from 2.39EUR
Blank Gingerbread Heart, variouse sizes
from 0.82EUR
Pantiki sugar icing white 24g - tube
Pantiki sugar icing white 24g - tube
easy labeling of Gingerbread Hearts
from 3.69EUR
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Perfect for decorating gingerbread house & more
from 3.69EUR
Frosting tube white, with different spouts, 100g
With tip spout, flat spout and star spout
Royal Icing powder
add water and that's it!
from 3.23EUR
Nozzle Set 8 pieces
perfect for writing and decorating
Food color - blue,red,yellow,green
Ribbon, 500meters
Sugar decoration - various Designs, 100 Stück
4 different designs to choose from
Gingerbread pretzel blank, 12 cm
from 1.42EUR
Gingerbread bavarian dress blank, 11 cm
from 1.41EUR
Gingerbread leather pants blank, 11 cm
from 1.41EUR
Pastry bag  30cm - 1 piece
Gingerbread baking mix for gingerbread heart, gingerbread house & more 1000g
Perfect for gingerbread house, gingerbread man or gingerbread in the shape of your choice
from 8.15EUR