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Product description

Ingredients & Nutrition

Individual gingerbread mold designed according to your wishes

Here you can design your very own gingerbread and let us bake it.

Please describe your desired gingerbread as precisely as possible and upload a template or sketch if possible.

To get a quote, fill out the form and checkout to the end. Please select prepayment as the payment method. The request is non-binding and free of charge for you. You will receive an offer as soon as possible by email.


Custom-made product - explained step by step

1. The Gingerbread Shape

First of all, you need to know how exactly you want your gingerbread to look like. First of all, think about which form suits you or your company best.

2. The sugar decoration (optional)

Depending on your wishes, we design the gingerbread with icing, either with sugar contours or full-surface sugar decoration

3. The caption (optional)

Optionally, we label the gingerbread by hand with icing with a text of your choice. You are free to choose the color of the icing.

4. Logo - attachment (optional)

In addition, we can paint your logo with icing or print it on sugar paper with food coloring and attach it to the gingerbread.

5. Your draft

Once you have decided which characteristics your gingerbread should have, create a handwritten sketch or a digital graphic design of your desired gingerbread and upload it.
6. Packaging

You have a choice of different types of packaging for the gingerbread.

Foil-sealed without a lanyard and holes 
If it is not necessary to be able to wear the gingerbread, packaging without a lanyard and holes is a popular variant. The gingerbread can easily be given as a gift or placed as a decoration.

Foil-sealed with lanyard and holes 
Typically, gingerbread cookies are shrink-wrapped and have a lanyard. 
In this way, the gingerbread can be easily moved or hung up.

Cellophane-wrapped with a ribbon
This noble version is very popular at company parties and other celebrations. The gingerbread comes into its own on a festively set table.

Flowpack packaging Transparent flowpack packaging is a popular choice, especially if you want to give gingerbread as a gift, as it impresses with its simple yet elegant appearance.


Wheat flour, invert sugar syrup, sugar, rye flour,
Humectants: sorbitol syrup, caramel syrup,
Drinking water, spices
Raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, ammonium
bicarbonate; Chicken egg white, potato starch, lemon juice.
Dyes: E100, E102 *, E120, E122 *, E129 *, E131, E133, E150
* May interfere with activity and attention in children


May contain traces of mustard, celery and gluten.


Lebkuchen Welt GmbH
Industriestraße 50
90765 Fuerth


Brown gingerbread with icing



Store product cool.


Nutritional information
per 100 g
1676 kJ / 395 kcal
- by that saturated fatty acids
0,85 g
0,16 g
- by that sugar
90 g
49 g
2,3 g
6,1 g
salt 0,25 g

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