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Crafting ideas for Easter

26 Products
Easter cookie craft set - Misc. Easter shapes
from 9.66EUR
Min.: 10 pcs
Pantiki sugar icing white 24g - tube
Pantiki sugar icing white 24g - tube
easy labeling of Gingerbread Hearts
from 2.49EUR
Min.: 2 pcs
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Edible Glue for food - Pantiki, 20g
Perfect for decorating gingerbread house & more
from 2.49EUR
Min.: 3 pcs
Frosting tube white, with different spouts, 100g
With tip spout, flat spout and star spout
Easter cookies blank bunny in egg, about 12 cm
from 2.38EUR
Min.: 2 pcs
Easter cookies blank sitting rabbit, about 12 cm
from 2.38EUR
Min.: 2 pcs
Easter Cookies Egg, Blank, 20cm
from 5.98EUR
XXL Easter egg cookie blank, 50cm
from 37.80EUR
Easter cookie blank carrot, 12cm
from 2.38EUR
Easter cookie blank carrot, 20cm
from 5.98EUR
Easter cookie blank carrot, 30cm
from 15.98EUR
Giant carrot Easter cookie, 50cm
from 37.80EUR

Crafting ideas for Easter

Hardly any other festival is as much for crafting as Easter. After the cold and gloomy winter, we are all the more looking forward to the first rays of sunshine, the many bright colors of spring and the fun of making Easter decorations together and painting Easter eggs.

bunt bemalte Ostereier 



Handicrafts for Easter with children

Especially for children it is popular to make funny easter gifts at Easter. For the classic Easter items we have some exciting information ready for you:
Make Easter bunny - now also edible;)
Why just the Easter bunny brings the Easter eggs is not clear to this day. But what is certain: The Easter Bunny is definitely one of the most popular ideas for crafting with children. And thanks to our blanks from Easter biscuits, you even have the opportunity to make and decorate an edible Easter bunny!

Make Easter nest & hide

A pretty Easter basket filled with chocolate, Easter eggs and maybe even an Easter lamb? Children's hearts beat faster! These Easter gifts are especially effective when you make an Easter basket together with the children and decorate them with Easter grass and other colorful decorative items.

Ostergebäck Eier mit Zuckerguss

Painting Easter egg - where is it coming from?

Did you know that the egg is rebirth in most cultures? No wonder then that the eggs paint, decorate and decorate already has a long history to ancient Egypt - but then with ostrich eggs. On the other hand, our sweet alternative is distinctively modern: Delicious pastries to paint and label Easter eggs with colorful frosting! In addition to blanks in various Easter shapes you will find of course all the accessories for crafting and decorating also in our shop.