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Lebkuchen Heart
Octoberfest-Lebkuchen Heart
Gingerbread hearts for businesses
Love statements
Birthday wishes
Homeland Love
Apres -Ski

Lebkuchen Hearts (customized)
Gingerbread heart - customized
Give - Aways
Place Cards
Gingerbread Heart with Photo customizable
Invitation & Acknowledgement

Business Customers
Gingerbread Hearts - optional with logo
Octoberfest Gingerbread
Other Shapes
Sweets & candy

Decorate gingerbread
Do it yourself kit
Octoberfest Theme
Geometric shapes
The crazy zoo
Other Occasions
Baking accessories & ingredients
Sugar figures
sugar flowers
Sugar decoration
Crafting kits
Easter decorations to craft

Crafting ideas for Easter
Place cards for Easter
Promotional items for Easter

Place Cards Wedding
Guest Gifts
Wedding Invitations & Acknowledgement
Menu Cards
Wedding Gifts

Gingerbread Cookies
Christmas cookies
Christmas Gingerbreads
Gingerbread Metal Tin
German Christmas Stollen
Gingerbread Metal Chest filled with Nuremberger Lebkuchen
Christmas Hamper

Gingerbread house
Gingerbread witch house
gingerbread house craft kits
Gingerbread house do it yourself kit
Decoration accessories for gingerbread houses
Gingerbread houses personalized

Christmas (individual)
Customized Christmas
Nuremberg Gingerbread, individual
Christmas Place Cards
Christmas Stollen, individual
Personalized crafting sets
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     FAQ: How to create an offer



    FAQ: How to create an offer

    You can easily create an individual offer for custom products. Here you can find two videos and two step-by-step tutorials, depending if you order only one custom product or more custom products.


    Create offer for:

    How to create offer for one product How to create offer for several products
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    Videotutorial: Offer for ONE product:

    Use YouTube for fullscreen-mode: CREATE OFFER: ONE PRODUCT

    Step-by-step tutorial: Create offer for ONE product

    Step 1: Choose category

    Choose the category you are looking for. We have products for all kinds of occasions, for example: Christmas, Oktoberfest or Wedding. You can also choose between stock products or custom products!

    screenshot of categories


    Step 2: Select product

    Now, select the product you are interested in. By clicking on the button [DETAILS], you get additional information about the product and the possibilities of customization.

    screenshot of products


    Step 3: Customize product

    Scroll down to the bottom of the product-page and customize your product by adjusting the different options. You can also upload your own image-files, depending on the product.

    create your own product

    Step 4: Choose amount and create offer

    To finish, select the amount you want and click on the button [CREATE OFFER]. An additional window opens with your own custom offer. You can directly print it, or save it as PDF.

    create your offer


    Video-tutorial: Offer for several products

    Use YouTube for fullscreen-mode: CREATE OFFER: SEVERAL PRODUCTS

    Step-by-step tutorial: Create offer for SEVERAL products

    Step 1: Choose product and customize it

    Choose the category and select the product you want. Depending on the product, you have several options to customize it. For details, look at the steps 1 to 3 of the tutorial above! 

    Step 2: Choose amount and add to cart

    Select the amount you want to order and click on the button [ADD TO CART]. You will be directly redirected to your shopping cart.

    screenshot: add to cart

    Step 3: Continue shopping and removing products from cart

    Click on the button [CONTINUE SHOPPING] and repeat the first step for all the products you want to order. If you want to delete an article from you cart, just select the option Removeand click on the button [UPDATE CART].

    screenshot: delete and continue


    Step 4: Create offer

    After adding the last product to your cart, click on the button [CREATE OFFER]. An additional browser window opens with your very own custom offer. You can directly print it, or save it as PDF.

    screenshot: create offer from cart

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