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Promotional items for Easter

42 Products
Available at 10/30/2022
Custom printed promo card with mini easteregg figurine
from 1.17EUR
Available at 10/30/2022
Sugar carrots with customized promotional insert
from 1.17EUR
Available at 10/30/2022
Decor - Easter Bunny with customized promo card
from 1.29EUR
Available at 10/30/2022
Easter Egg sugar figurine with printed promo card
from 1.38EUR
Available at 10/30/2022
Promo business card with mini easter figurine
from 1.46EUR
Available at 10/30/2022
Easter Bunny sugar figurine with individual promo card
from 1.84EUR
Rabbit head Easter present about 12cm opt. with logo & text
from 4.18EUR
Easter cookie rabbit sitting about 12cm optional with text & logo
from 3.43EUR
Easter cookie rabbit sitting about 12cm with advertising card
from 3.73EUR
Cookie Easter-Bunny in Car, ca. 14cm opt. with logo or text
from 4.33EUR
Easter Cookie Egg, about 12cm with advertising card
Choose between inserted or attached card.
from 3.73EUR
Easter cookie Easter egg, approx. 20cm, with logo and text
from 4.93EUR
Giant-Easter egg made of cookie, approx. 50 cm with picture/logo and lettering
from 29.85EUR
Easter lamb Easter cookie about 12cm opt. with text or logo
from 3.88EUR
Easter greetings lamb about 12cm with greeting card
Choose between inserted or attached card.
from 4.18EUR
Easter giveaway hatched egg approx. 12cm optionally with logo
from 4.18EUR
Easter cookie crafting sets incl. Advertising card, logo optional
Different Shapes available - perfect for Easter
from 6.37EUR

Promotional items for Easter - for customers, employees & business partners

The days are getting longer again, in the morning the birds are chirping and also the first flowers stretch their heads toward the sun - the beginning of spring usually comes with Easter. Easter thus offers the perfect opportunity to share the anticipation of the summer with your business partners, because individual Easter greetings consolidate your business relationships in the current financial year and keep your company in the memory! Especially Easter is an excellent choice, because unlike Christmas, few people are counting on Easter presents - With this positive surprise effect, you will stay in the memory of the recipient and receive effective advertising with a small budget.


Werbepräsent Geschäftspartner Ostern

Cheap Easter presents

The quickest way to get your individual giveaways for Easter is through our online shop. We offer a fast delivery on the desired date, and surprise you with a wide range of Easter ideas and customization options - no matter for which target group and what age. Younger customers will certainly be delighted with printed Easter bunnies or crafting ideas for Easter while your business partners will certainly appreciate individualized chocolate [LINK]. You will definitely find the right gift for the Easter basket.


Advertising gifts for Easter - A real insider tip!

But why does Easter offer the perfect opportunity for Easter greetings in the form of advertising presents and Easter give-aways? The reasons are as varied as the possibilities:


  • Easter gifts are rather uncommon - the advertising effect for it all the stronger
  • Spring is a new beginning - perfect to maintain old contacts
  • Easter offers a great variety of products, regardless of budget


Oster Eier mit Wunschmotiv

Give Aways for Easter - Best with individually with logo!

Among the most popular Easter items are Easter decorations, Easter eggs and a chocolate Easter bunny, which are also ideal as individualized Easter gifts to advertise even more effectively. For example, you can have your company logo affixed to an Easter bunny or your advertising message thanks to a personalized depositor , Depending on the advertising material, we offer you several options for customization - such as personalized lettering à la Happy Easter, or an attached advertising card. For very special Easter greetings, we can also make an Easter cake in your desired shape for you - we get every wish baked!