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Placement Card Holder

Placement Card Holder

24h Versand

Placement Card Holder


add leggs to your placement card made of Gingerbread.

Instead of laying-off or hanging on the chair you can add now a third option of placing on of our the Placement Card on the Placement Card Holder.

  • Ideal for Gingerbread-Placement Cards until size of 15cm
  • Usable for all shapes such as hearts

Order one of our individual Gingerbread Place Cards

Terms of Lease:

  • Price: 0,49€ / piece
  • Deposit Fee: 2€
    • Refund of Deposit will be granted if you send the Placement Card Holder back to us latest on the 15th day of receiving the shipment.
  • Rent Duration:  2 week after receiving the shipment
  • Return Shipping Costs: Leasee has to pay


You want to buy?
It is easy: If you don't send back the Placement Card Holder , we will keep the deposit, and the product is yours!


Size:  ca. 9 x 16 x 11 cm
Material:  Borking Wood


Example: Gingerbread Placment Card put on Holder

Available Options:
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