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Lebkuchen Heart
Octoberfest-Lebkuchen Heart
Gingerbread hearts for businesses
Love statements
Birthday wishes
Homeland Love
Apres -Ski

Lebkuchen Hearts (customized)
Gingerbread heart - customized
Give - Aways
Place Cards
Gingerbread Heart with Photo customizable
Invitation & Acknowledgement

Business Customers
Gingerbread Hearts - optional with logo
Other Shapes
Sweets & candy
Octoberfest Gingerbread

Decorate gingerbread
Do it yourself kit
Geometric shapes
The crazy zoo
Easter decorations to craft
Other Occasions
Baking accessories & ingredients
Sugar figures
sugar flowers
Sugar decoration
Octoberfest Theme
Crafting kits

Place Cards Wedding
Guest Gifts
Wedding Invitations & Acknowledgement
Menu Cards
Wedding Gifts

Crafting ideas for Easter
Place cards for Easter
Promotional items for Easter

Gingerbread house
Gingerbread witch house
gingerbread house craft kits
Gingerbread house do it yourself kit
Gingerbread-house Deco
Gingerbread houses personalized

Gingerbread Cookies
Christmas cookies
Christmas Gingerbreads
Gingerbread Metal Tin
German Christmas Stollen
Gingerbread Metal Chest filled with Nuremberger Lebkuchen
Christmas Hamper

Christmas (individual)
Customized Christmas
Nuremberg Gingerbread, individual
Christmas Place Cards
Christmas Stollen, individual
Personalized crafting sets
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Graphic service for print products

Prices incl. VAT,
plus shipping costs
Christmas designs for our print products
Our design selection for Easter
Designs for the whole year
Oktoberfest design suggestions
SuperPriority Customized delivered in 8 business daysNormal-Customized delivered in 8 business days

Professional graphics service for your print product

Convince your customers with professionally designed promotional items from our range!

For quick and easy design to match your motto, slogan or occasion, our graphics service supports you. Our graphics service can be combined with all items including print from our range.

Just add the graphics service to your order and we will design the print product according to your wishes. Simply upload logo, slogan and optional design request - we'll do the rest!

Our graphics service includes:

  • Design of the desired print article from our selection
  • Valid for one- or two-sided printed products
  • Design including your attached graphics + texts + wishes
  • 2 options for the background
    • A) Design with your background graphic or
    • B) Design with our background graphics - choose from various motifs from our design database
  • Including proof and 2 correction loops

How does our graphics service work?

Option A: Design with own motif

  1. Select your product with print component
  2. Add the desired graphics service to your order
  3. Add your data below (eg logo, slogan, background)
  4. We create a print-ready design with your data
  5. We will send you a free design preview (proof)
  6. Possible change requests can be implemented in two free correction loops.

Grafikservice Option A

Option B: Design from motive suggestions via e-mail  

  1. Select your product with print component
  2. Add the desired graphics service to your order
  3. Add your data below (eg logo, slogan, background)
  4. Enter the desired occasion for your order
  5. We will send you a suitable design selection within a few hours
  6. You choose a design and tell us your desired motive
  7. We design a print-ready design with your data and the chosen motif
  8. We will send you a free design proposal (proof)
  9. Possible change requests can be implemented in two free correction loops.

Grafikservice Option B

Processing time:

  • 2-5 business days

  • Attention: The delivery time of your ordered print product will be extended by the graphic service processing time. Only after final release of the proof, its delivery time applies.

Note: Deployed graphics files must be provided in high-resolution quality or as vector files, preferably in .jpg or .eps / .pdf / .ai / .tiff format. 
Depending on the desired product required information (eg ingredients, manufacturer information) will be added automatically by us.

Design examples:

Graphics service design examples

Please choose:
Upload Logo:
Upload Motif (optional):
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Lebkuchen Welt GmbH
Sportplatzstraße 32
90765 Fuerth

1) Maximum 3 samples per order possible. Unfortunately, if you order a "sample", no consideration can be given to customization (such as color, logo, etc.). Please order an individual product for customization requests. The sample may differ from the illustration in the design. Samples can not be returned. The sample fees will be credited after an order value above 300€.

*Our prices are incl. 7% bzw. 19% Tax excl. Shipping

Lebkuchen-Markt steht für höchste Qualitätskriterien. Die Einhaltung der Kriterien wird kontinuierlich von uns überprüft. Die Prüfung umfasst unter anderem Bereiche wie Datenschutz, Zahlung, Retourenabwicklung und Kundenservice damit Ihnen ein tolles Einkaufserlebnis garantiert ist. Viel Spaß beim einkaufen!