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Gingerbread house kit

31 Products
Gingerbread house to cut out yourself, incl. template
from 6.99EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
gingerbread house - kit - size XS
built size is about 8x6x5cm
from 4.99EUR
gingerbread witch house - kit - size XS
from 5.59EUR
gingerbread witch house - kit - size M
built up approx. 12x11x13cm
from 6.39EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
Gingerbread House Kit - Size L - For crafting and decorating
+++ Our Top-Seller +++ built about 17x17x18cm
from 4.89EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
gingerbread witch house - kit - size L
built up approx. 17x17x15cm
from 9.39EUR
gingerbread witch house - handicraft kit - size L
from 6.49EUR
gingerbread house - kit - size L
built size is about 18x17x14cm
from 11.49EUR
gingerbread witch house - kit - size XL
built up approx. 37x37x40cm
from 36.90EUR
Gingerbread house - kit - size XL
built size is about 43x42x28cm
from 36.90EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
Gingerbread house kit with instructions, 9x6x7cm
The smallest complete diy set with gingerbread parts, sugar icing, and decoration.
from 10.99EUR
Gingerbread house kit L to make yourself including accessories set
from 15.69EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
Gingerbread house kit L including accessory set
from 14.19EUR
Gingerbread House Kit L - To do it yourself - In a complete set
from 20.99EUR
Witch house kit L – All-Inclusive-Set
Incl. decoration accessories
from 23.99EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
Gingerbread house kit for building and decorating - complete set
from 19.69EUR
Available at 08/01/2022
Gingerbread house kit L – All-Inclusive-Set
from 26.39EUR
Pfefferkuchenhaus kit XL - complete set to make yourself
from 64.90EUR
Witch house kit XL – All-Inclusive-Set
Incl. decoration accessories
from 64.90EUR
Gingerbread house pre-built for personalizing, size L
from 55.47EUR
logo printed on sugar paper
from 1.79EUR

Gingerbread house kit - the time-saving alternative

"Crunchy, crunch ..." The gingerbread house is a popular Christmas classic, especially with children, but unfortunately very time-consuming to prepare. Especially in the really contemplative Advent season, there is often not enough time to bake the individual parts of the gingerbread house, let them cool down and then cut them to size.

If you still want to build and decorate a witch house without spending a lot of time, you can simply buy a gingerbread house kit online from us! We have several sizes and variants to choose from, which can optionally be supplied with handicraft accessories. After ordering the gingerbread house kit, all you have to do is mix a frosting and you can start building and decorating right away! It is best to use our ready-made “Frosting Powder - Ready Mix” because it is not only extra stable but there is also no risk of salmonella!

Note: On request, you can also receive our gingerbread house kits as a pre-assembled “shell” that you only have to decorate! The corresponding “decorative accessories for gingerbread houses” are optionally available at the same time! Simply use our contact form for your inquiry!

Gingerbread crafting kit

A little specialty that can save you a lot of time is our “Gingerbread house crafting kit”! It contains everything you need for personal design, including: a gingerbread blank, sugar script, decorative material, and much more!

We also offer you the opportunity to order a very personal gingerbread house. This is ideal as a gift for employees and customers, but also for a personal greeting! You can find out more about this on our topic page: “Cutomized gingerbread house

If you would like to find out more about the gingerbread house, simply visit our shop page on the subject of “Gingerbread house information”. There you will not only find numerous interesting products, but also exciting background knowledge, e.g.

  • origin
  • Assembly instructions
  • Tips for decorating
  • and much more!